你好 – Nǐ hǎo and Hello!

This is EasyJianpu… What’s EasyJianpu? Can I wash my hair with it?

EasyJianpu is a play-along music blog – a sort of virtual KTV for learning your own musical instrument. Here you can learn to play melodies by playing along animated video scores. The musical scores on EasyJianpu are written in so-called ‘Jianpu’ – which means ‘simplified notation’. Just say ‘dshian poo’ with a certain Chinese twist and you got it! Jianpu is a method that uses numbers for writing music scores. It’s quite popular in China. So aside from playing your musical instrument, you can also learn how to read Jianpu here. I am Tom, the creator of EasyJianpu. I play a bamboo flute. I create animated score videos for my self-tutorial. They help me to play new songs faster and better. A score video is like a score sheet, tuner, and metronome 3-in-1. I am sharing my videos here because I think they can help many others, too. All you need is an instrument playable in a key that harmonizes with the score key. If your instrument is not playable in one of those key tones, then you will still be able to follow the score, but you might want to mute the video sound.

So have fun! EasyJianpu works great on desktop, notebook, tablet, iPad, and smart phone. You have a Smart-TV? Try it! My videos are all in HD quality and still encoded into very small files. They load fast and are easy on bandwidth. You can play here as long as you like – there are no ads and no paywalls. I want you to have a perfect experience in your learning at EasyJianpu. Have a close look at the video player here: you can adjust playback speed, and also set a portion of any video to auto-repeat. Whether you like it slow or fast, or master a difficult part, this player can adopt to your learning, and you don’t have to take your hands off your instrument while playing.


New to Jianpu?

Learn about Jianpu in a free pdf e-book. You can save it to your device for offline viewing. You can also print, copy and share it with your friends under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Hitting the download button will open it in a new tab.


EasyJianpu is quite a new project, and a lot of content is still missing. I have hundreds of melodies lined up for encoding and posting. As my time allows I will continue to add more. In addition, my proprietary play-along video posts also contain related video content embedded from external sources such as tudou.com. This content is for your further inspiration. I always try to post ads-free content here, but I have no control over the external videos. They can contain commercial ads and may be changed or deleted by their respective owners at any time. There may also be links or pop-ups in those videos which can lead your browser to other web sites. Kindly leave a comment if you see deleted or offensive content.

On EasyJianpu of course I try to make sure that I will not infringe anyone’s copyrights, which in the music business is a very tricky affair. My tutorial videos are – of course – just for educational purposes and no attempt to rival a musician or composer’s rights or business. If I ever post an original song, then it is for demo purposes only, and I did my best to research it’s copyrights. If despite this you think there is a copyright infringement, please consult the ‘FairUse’ page.

If you like EasyJianpu be sure to bookmark and share it to your friends. You can also leave your feedback and suggestions in the message box. Thank you!

再见 – zàijiàn – see you
Thank you for visiting!

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